Paranormal sex has been a subject of fascination for centuries.

Countless people have claimed to have had intimate encounters with spirits. BIlly Corgan, Lucy Liu, Ke$ha, Dan Aykroyd, Bobby Brown, and Anna Nicole Smith are just a few of the celebrities who’ve admitted to getting sexy with a specter. Although, in Anna Nicole Smith’s case, her husband was around nearly 100 years old and pale as a sheet. She may just have been confused.

In 2014, a woman named Amanda Teague even went so far as to marry a ghost. Sadly, a few years later they got divorced. Since her husband was a ghost, she probably never saw that coming.

Thank you. I’ll be here all afterlife.

Many skeptics claim ghost sex is merely a manifestation of the unconscious mind. Others swear it’s real and, in some cases, much more fulfilling than sex with mortals. No matter what side of this phenomenon you’re on, ghost sex is both intriguing yet difficult to prove.

I am not at all judgmental when it comes to ghost sex. I actually find it incredibly interesting. Plus, who am I to judge any consensual sex between adults?

But is all ghost sex consensual?

This is where things start to get a little grey.

De-mystifying all of this is my guest, Karen Rontowski. Well-known as Paranormal Karen, she’s a highly sought-after tarot card reader who investigates haunted spots and paranormal phenomena all over the world. She’s also host of the very popular podcast Paranormal Karen which goes deep inside such topics as astrology, numerology and UFOs. The Paranormal Karen podcast gets thousands of downloads every single month. Despite Karen’s successful 25 year career as a stand up comic, she takes these subjects very seriously.

We begin talking about ghost sex. But Karen’s knowledge of the paranormal is so vast, before you know it we spin off into spirit worlds way beyond my understanding.

At 7:37 the conversation turns to what you have to do in order to raise your vibration in order to attract or see ghosts.

Then at 8:56 Karen shares her theory that we, as humans, are beginning to have an awakening.

At 10:33 the conversation turns to attachments and how, if you’re at a lower vibration you may begin to attract darker energies and elementals.

At 12:00 the conversation turns to, is all ghost sex consensual?

13:28 Sleep paralysis vs. ghost sex.

13:45 Karen reveals how to plan your own wet dreams with lucid dreaming.

15:05 Back to how a ghost actually has sex with you.

At 17:28 we discover Karen’s ultimate spirit sexual fantasy.

At 19:10 Karen explains that as humans continue to become more awakened, our connections to the paranormal become more common.

At 20:11 the conversation takes a sharp turn to current political events and how astrologers not only predicted that Trump would be elected but also why and how long the GOP reign of tyranny will last and will there ever be a fall of the patriarchy.

21:27 The new face of politics and the millennials who will will soon be in charge.

23:25 Karen mentions the vision and importance of the book Transurfing by Vadim Zeland.

At 25:48 how you should never obsess about money but rather trust the universe that it will come your way.

27:26 I reveal how a shaman helped me realize my life’s true goal and what lessons pursuing it has taught me.

27:57 A reminder of the book Transurfing by Vadim Zeland and why it’s life changing.

29:35 Another left turn, I ask, in this current blatant, misogynistic political climate, how can women find healing and tap into their sexual energy?

30:00 Everyone should be meditating.

30:55 A simple way to release negative energy for good.

31:18 Women need to stop carrying around everyone else’s drama.

32:12 Aaaaaaaaand we’re back to ghost sex.

32:32 The fragments of a personality and how to look at every aspect of your being as a separate being.

37:30 How Netflix and the show Grace & Frankie are putting an end to age discrimination.

At 38:18 Karen drops a truth bomb about how women need to get rid of guilt and focus on what they’re truly responsible for.

39:46 What was behind my decision to do things that terrified me.

At 40:20 I share the most important advice I could ever give to a guilt-ridden mother. Put the mask on yourself first!

40:46 “Excess Potential” as explained in Transurfing by Vadim Zeland.

We never return to ghost sex but we do close with life lessons, a book recommendation (again!) and why every mother should be more selfish.

That’s not exactly where I thought we’d end up, but, from start to finish, I approve this message.