Back in the day before everything imaginable was just a click away, if you wanted to buy a sex toy, AKA a Marital Aid, you’d have to venture into the back room of a super sketchy adult bookstore. Or, you could purchase one through mail order and hope it arrived (weeks later) in a plain brown wrapper.

Today, sex toys are so normalized you can pick up butt plugs, ball gags and a strap-on at your local Walmart! That’s right, in one shopping trip you can get Tide PODS, Honey Nut Cheerios and Deluxe Adjustable Nipple Clamps!

Save Money. Live Better. Get Off.

I’m a big fan of sex toys. My office at Playboy TV was overrun with them. Dozens of manufacturers wanted them featured on my shows so I received vibrators and lube by the caseload. Surgical steel g-spot massagers, rose quartz dildos and gift bags of remote-controlled vibrating underpants covered my office floor. If I ever gave you a pleasure product between the years 2010-2017, you can be certain I didn’t pay for it.

One afternoon, about 10 huge pieces of Liberator sex furniture arrived at my house. We weren’t home at the time of delivery, so all of the unboxed sex furniture sat on our front porch for hours. Once my husband discovered the sex furniture on display all over our front porch, he immediately dragged it into the house and then yelled at me over the phone.

He stopped complaining when we used it later.


My office at Playboy TV was known as the place where you could find just about any sex toy imaginable, and I was more than happy to share with my friends a coworkers. The head of HR once trudged into my office absolutely overwhelmed with stress. So I threw an Hitachi Magic Wand and some lube into brown paper bag and sent her back to HR. I’m tellin’ ya, the next day she had a little spring in her step.

Solving life’s problems, one orgasm at a time™.


I’m a big proponent of sex toys and I frequently encourage women and couples to experiment with them. They’re fun, efficient and also a great way ensure a woman has an orgasm. Penetrative sex isn’t the best way to get a woman off and, for various reasons, other direct pathways to a woman’s pleasure can become roads less traveled. Hey…you do you. Or better yet, have a sex toy do you! Nothing against the “analog” way to rub one out, but the right sex toy can be a great tool to get the job done. There’s a reason we called the Hitachi Magic Wand “The Closer” at Playboy TV.


Before you head out to your favorite big box store for a battery operated bestie, I have a very serious warning about sex toys that you must heed.

Please, do everybody in your bed a big favor, and before you introduce a new sex toy, listen to this episode.

Trust me on this one.

Wendy MillerComment