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We love to introduce you to amazing Sex and Wellness Products on the show all the time. This is where you can find our personal favorite items and then make them your very own.

Plus, you’ll be able to score limited edition Sex Ed The Musical merchandise right here!

(As soon as we get around to creating it.)



I have a very sensitive “eco system” and I have to be extremely careful whenever I use products internally. However, if I don’t use lube I can also have issues. There are a lot of personal lubricants on the market and I’ve tried quite a few. The best one I’ve found so far is ALOE CADABRA. It’s a premium lubricant made with 95% organic aloe vera, and enriched with a special blend of natural ingredients for a smooth glide, silky feel, and unbelievably pleasurable experience. I love that it’s all natural with no harsh chemicals. Definitely try it out. They also have flavored ones but I use the Natural Aloe exclusively.

Use Coupon Code: AFMiller valid for one time use: 25% off site wide & free shipping in the US. Enjoy!!!

Girl’s Best Friend!


I created all sorts of excitement about clitoral suction devices when I raved about one at the Forty Thrive Self Care event. I’m a HUGE fan!

Girl's Best Friend is a two-in-one vibrator and oral sex simulator that gives a completely new orgasm experience. The innovative vacuum technology gently sucks and vibrates the clitoris, simulating oral pleasure, while the other end acts like a traditional vibrator. Both ends have power settings that range from “light” to “OMG”, so there is something for everyone. It’s known for satisfying even the most challenging customer. Overstimulation and discomfort are a thing of the past. I recommend this product to be used alone or for “pre-gaming” so you can be engorged and ready for what’s coming next. I mean…WHO’S coming next. Cause that will be YOU!


Wendy’s Favorite Dirty Things

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