For some people, being sexually authentic is simple. But, for the remaining 99.99999% of the population, it’s not so easy.

On this episode, I speak with my friends Nikki and Daniel (@dirtylovegamesx), a couple I would describe as brave, well boundaried and 100% sexually authentic. Very early on they figured out that their sex life was their business and they really don’t care what anyone else thinks. As a result, they have tons of sex, lots of fun and they never leave pleasure on the table. There’s a lot we can learn from them.

In creating and hosting this podcast, my own understanding of sex and authenticity is evolving on a daily basis. Chatting with these two was very inspiring to me. Even if you’re not all that complex or not even remotely interested in opening up your relationship, there are lessons here that can benefit us all. Your life belongs to you and, ya know what, your sex life belongs to you, too.

Swinging lifestyle website mentioned by Daniel: SDC.

Mobile dating app for singles, couples and everyone: #Open


We are publicly on display, out and proud.

If they bring it up at work I say, hey if you’d like to talk about this over a beer outside of work, great. But here? No. You don’t get to ask me personal questions

I realized at a young age that no one cares as much about you as you do.

That’s ultimately what a lot of people are afraid of. Not necessarily being outed, it’s the consequences of not being protected.

There are some federal legal protections for discrimination for some things, but being a swinger is not one of them.

The only people that we tend to take issue with are those who don’t own themselves privately.   

I’m attracted to people, not genitalia, personality, not genitalia.

There’s a direct correlation between my mental health and my sex drive.

Sex is not the most important thing in your relationship. It’s not what your relationship is based on.

We don’t want to play with a couple that isn’t whole and healthy together.

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