Dirty Talk is a really great way to add some heat to the sheets. After all, you don’t need any fancy equipment, anyone can play, and whispering a well-timed filthy command can send your partner into pleasure overdrive.

However, dirty talk definitely requires some courage. You’re really putting yourself out there in a very vulnerable space, and you’re not always sure how someone will react. So like anything new in bed, always make sure there’s full consent and start out slowly.

In this episode, I have some tips that will help even the most nervous person raise their voice in bed. Once you get over your fears and master dirty talk, you’ll be able to drive your partner crazy.

That’s what I’m talking about.

:00-:28 Intro.

:00-:46 I refer to my really fun appearance on the It’s Complicated podcast.

:55 Why women in hetero relationships may fear that letting their inner superfreak out might freak a guy out.

1:09 No one wants to look like an idiot while they’re naked.

1:14 My friend whose husband begged her to talk dirty.

1:39 Just start out slowly.

1:44 Warning.

1:50 Example of dirty talk going horribly wrong (featuring, as always, my actual beleaguered husband playing my fictional beleaguered husband).

2:39 Describe what you’re doing.

2:54 Use their name.

3:14 The guy who called me by his ex-girlfriend’s name in bed.

3:32 Work your way up to total pervness.

3:37 Power play.

3:49 Offer compliments.


“You might be concerned that letting your inner superfreak out, might freak a guy out.”

“You want to make sure you use the right name…or at least the name they gave you.”

“Don’t think you have to put yourself out there and be a super perv right out of the gate. Work your way up to total pervness.”

“Authority when you’re naked — very, very hot.”

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