In every city across America, there are Sex Clubs. Some are private and require memberships. Some require you to send nude photos to make sure you conform to a certain aesthetic in order to be admitted. Some are super elite and cost thousands of dollars to attend for just one night. Some are exclusively gay. Some are exclusively kink centric. Regardless of their individual rules, crowds and aesthetics, Sex Clubs are places where adults can meet each other and have sex right on the premises.

You might think that by entering a Sex Club, you’re immediately surrendering all of your clothes, rights and consent just by virtue of being there. That cannot be further from the truth. In fact, in many sex clubs rules are posted everywhere and entrants must agree to all of the rules before then can join the crowd. Your boundaries and personal space are more respected in a Sex Club than in your typical bar…or grocery store…or subway car…or the myriad other places you can be groped without your consent.

So what really happens inside of a sex club and why would you ever want to go to one?

On this episode I speak with Brad and Tammy McCray, the owners of a unique Sex Club in Portland called Sanctuary. When it comes to Sex Clubs, Sanctuary is an outlier. They don’t require a membership before you can enter. They don’t charge male and female guests different entry fees (also common among other Sex Clubs). They are LGBTQ+ and hetero mixed (very rare among Sex Clubs). And they are body positive, welcoming of all gender identities, kinks, and relationship configurations.

And here’s the crazy part — it totally works!

If you’ve always been a little curious, now’s your chance to find out what really happens inside of a Sex Club, what you can expect, what you are always within your rights to demand and how you’re probably safer in a room full of perverts than your local grocery store.

How To Find A Sex Club Near You — of course you can check Yelp or search “Sex Clubs Near Me” but you’re also going to get a lot of strip clubs, which is not the same thing as a Sex Club.

Check out swinging lifestyle sites such as Kasidie.com, an adult community for sexually adventurous people. It’s not the largest swinger community but it’s very easy to navigate and there are easy to find links to sex parties and sex clubs near you.

There are also couples dating apps out there but a lot of them require you to link them to your Instagram or Facebook profiles. This can be privacy problematic so you may need to set up a new profile that’s not linked to 800 of your closest friends. Although, at least 40 of them should be able to recommend a fun sex club.

If not, you might want to get some new friends.

Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash

Tammy and Brad McCray, owners of Sanctuary

Tammy and Brad McCray, owners of Sanctuary

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