(That’s not her real name).

There’s a lot I can share with you about Molly in advance but I really want you to listen to this conversation and come to your own conclusions.

What I’m discovering by asking different women the same highly personal questions about their sex lives, is that even though I’m talking to complete strangers, women of all different ages, sexual orientations and backgrounds, we all share so many things in common.

When it comes to sex, each of us carries our own trauma and shame. Each of us has had to navigate a completely unfair and unbalanced world of non-consent. Each of us had some semblance of sex education that was either rooted in fundamental religious doctrine or falsehoods designed to keep us obedient, chaste and controlled.

Each of us has had to figure out how to navigate the world of sex and advocating for the pleasure we all deserve.

Even if your answers completely differ from the women I’m interviewing, we all share quite a bit. And it’s in the building of that understanding where we find community and sympathy so the healing can begin.

In this third Under Covers conversation, I speak with a woman I’ve named Molly.

All you need to know in advance is that Molly is 42, twice married and identifies as heterosexual...ish.

That’s where all similarities end…or begin.

Wendy MillerComment