We first met The Sexually Adventurous Woman in episode 5. Then our conversation continued in episode 9.

She told me how, with her husband’s urging, she discovered she was bisexual and then how she learned how to pick up women for threesomes. Eventually that led to them having sex with other couples and having a really fun time in the swinging lifestyle.

Our conversation continues here.

Of course, most people would never consider entering the swinging lifestyle but there are a lot of life lessons you learn when you open up your marriage. You learn the importance of communication and how to be a good communicator. You learn how to set boundaries. You learn how to advocate for yourself in naked and fully dressed situations. Most importantly, you learn what you really want in life and exactly how to go after it.

So don’t think of this as an episode about how to be a swinger. Think of this as a Sexual Master Class. How having the courage to push your own boundaries and step away from fear can translate into unimaginable confidence in your life, relationships and career.

We can all use some of that.

1:30 Planning a fun giveaway for new subscribers!

2:03 Screw Confession - The Hidden Dangers of Coconut Oil

4:30 Intro the Sexually Adventurous Woman

5:46 How her sexual confidence translates into every other aspect of her life.

6:19 Advice for women who are afraid to be sexually adventurous.

6:37 You’d be surprised how many other people share your sexual curiosities.

7:03 You might be a swinger and not even know it.

7:35 What are the best lessons from being in an open marriage?

9:30 What are some of the advantages of being in the swinging lifestyle?

10:42 How swingers have amazing communication skills.

11:15 The secret hand signals and communications needed a sex party.

12:53 The secret language I use with my husband.

13:51 What happens when she decodes someone else’s secret signals at a sex party.

14:45 Her marriage ends.

15:30 How it is to be a dating as a sexually adventurous woman.

16:50 What she looks for in potential partners now.

18:38 Is it a burden to know so much about sex and be single?

19:13 Advice for women who want to be sexually adventurous but are afraid to try.


If you can tell someone to do something when you’re naked, you can definitely tell them to do it when you’re fully clothed.

If you’re afraid to be sexually adventurous. You’re going to be afraid all of your life.

Try something. You can always say, that wasn’t for me.

I know who I am now and if I don’t find anybody, that’s okay.

I want somebody who’s going to treat me like I’m a queen.

I need someone who already knows who they are.

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